The Complete Solutions For Cable TV and Satellite Television Broadcast Automation System, Playout Automation System and Character Generator Graphics Automated Workflows.

About Uniplay

Uniplay is India’s Most Advanced Broadcast Play-out & Channel Branding Software for satellite channels and cable channel broadcaster.Uniplay supports SD and HD output with Blackmagic’s Decklink Boards. It support unlimited Graphics Overlay with High Quality Flash and Targa (*.tga) sequences, JPEG, Bitmaps and PNG.

It has got its unique Movie Library. Which contains the Spot Advertisement Generator, for this user have to create the spots only for the first use of the movie scheduling and after thsi whenever user will re-schedule that movie it will show the created spots only and will ask for the group of the advertise only. With this unique Broadcast Company will not bother for again creating the spots.

With Uniplay you will get Extra Packs of the High Quality Graphics for Coming Up, Now showing, You are Watching Banners still or animated.Uniplay provides the feature of unlimited days Movie scheduling. and for fillers user canl create Zone of the whole day of the week and need