The Complete Solutions For Cable TV and Satellite Television Broadcast Automation System, Playout Automation System and Character Generator Graphics Automated Workflows.

What is Broadcast Automation Software ?

What is Broadcast Automation Software or Playout Automation Software ?

Broadcast automation Software enable the use of broadcast programming(Media Scheduling) technology to automate broadcasting operations. Used either at a broadcast network, radio station or a television station, it can run a facility in the absence of a human operator. They can also run in a "live assist" or "live broadcast automation" mode when there are on-air personnel present at the master control, television studio or control room for this any radio station / TV station / Satellite TV Studio will need the perfect Broadcast Automation Software. Any broadcast automation software consists three work-flows first is Playout Automation and second one is On-Air Broadcast Graphics Automation and third is Live Broadcast Automation.

And Uniplay is The Complete Broadcast Automation Software which provides the Full Automation for Playing Media files and Graphics Overlay on Video in Real-Time. It has GPU based rendering engine which outputs high quality graphics on decklink video output.


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